The Olympic Fever iPhone Case


Limited-edition, national-flag T-shirts, sneakers, and caps have proliferated in the period before and after the Olympic Games for decades, but high-quality-and-design iPhone cases with such an array of patriotic patterns from around the world are relatively new. Now, smartphone-and-tablet-case-maker Speck is jumping onto the global sports fan bandwagon with the CandyShell International Collection for iPhone. Available as of today, the collection features the flags of 17 countries, including the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Great Britain, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, France, Germany, China, Spain, and Italy.

Each case features a slimmed-down version of that country’s flag, along with an extrapolation of its colors onto different parts of the case. The USA case we’ve been shielding our iPhone with over the past week has a stretch, not-quite-50-stars version of Old Glory along the bottom half, against a blue background. Red borders run along the raised bezel around the front screen area and the camera lens, as well as on the rubberized volume buttons. Lastly, a subtle USA in white lettering is emblazoned on the top right side that impressed some of our international companions last weekend at a Scottish-themed New York restaurant – if only for our understated, early Olympic fever.

We’re big fans of Speck cases in general for their build quality. Even without flags on it, the CandyShell case is a one-piece hard case that’s flexible enough to slip onto the iPhone 4 and 4S like a formal shoe, but still offers shock protection and the aforementioned raised bezel to keep the screen safe. Now, we don’t wish this on anyone, but if your favorite team or athlete doesn’t do well, and it makes you mad, then at least you’ll know you can throw your phone on the ground and it’ll remain shiny and unscathed. [$40,]

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