The Only Knife You Need to Survive in the Wild

Mj 618_348_the adventurers survival knife

Whether you’re backpacking or lost in the woods, it behooves you to have a good, reliable knife — especially a lightweight one you can carry with you everywhere but still strong enough for any task. William Egbert Jr., founder of Vulture Equipment Works learned this from years as an adventure photographer and defense contractor, so he founded and created the Cholera MK1 survival knife, an “All-Mountain” knife that’s equally at home no matter where you take it. 

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The knife is a modified Gyuko-style knife that features a fixed 5.5-inch blade coated with Cerakote, a chemical treatment used to prevent corrosion. Its other features include a magnesium fire starter that fits neatly inside a small sheath, along with a rotating belt attachment. We took it into the field during an elk hunt, backpacking through the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho, and slogging through the marshes of Northern Wisconsin, and we hardly ever noticed it until we needed it. We could easily pull out the blade from the molded sheath with a single hand, and we used it to cut fishing line, peel potatoes, gut a deer, cut kindling, cut parachute cord for tents, and whittle sticks. The molded handle protected our hands when we were working with it, and the grip felt comfortable in any position. Oval recess at the rear end of the blade can be a modified line cutter or used with the magnesium rods to start a fire.

Each knife is crafted by hand in the United States using the highest-grade military materials available, and the result is a knife that feels invisible while you’re carrying it, but is unbelievably strong and versatile once you pull it from the sheath.

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