The Portable Charger That Jumps Your Car

Mj 618_348_cyntur jumperpack mini review

What It Is: A glove compartment–size lithium-ion battery that has enough juice to jumpstart an 8-cylinder engine.

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Why We Like It: If you’ve ever left your lights on and drained your car’s battery, you know the hassle involved with getting a jump — either find a friendly stranger who has jumper cables or wait an hour for a tow truck to arrive. But Cyntur’s JumperPack Mini is a backup battery that’s small enough to leave in your car, so it’s ready to go when you find your battery drained. The one-pound box packs a 12,000mAh battery (about six times the capacity of an iPhone 6), but its real power comes in a 250-amp jolt that can crank a car‘s motor back to life.

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Simply connect the red and black clamps to the dead battery’s terminals and turn the ignition key. (The company claims you can get 25 jumps out of a single charge, but if you need it more than once or twice, you should really pony up for a new car battery.) Because you’ll hopefully have to rely on that feature infrequently, it also excels as a massive juice pack for any USB-powered device. A single 2.1-amp port can quickly top off a dying tablet when you’re on the road. We found this helpful on a long weekend camping trip, when we needed to recharge a phone far from any electrical outlets.

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Nitpick: The pack doesn’t come with a car charger/adapter, so you’ll have to take it indoors for a recharge. Hooked to a wall outlet, it takes up to four hours for a full charge.


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