The Portable Ink-Free Printer

 Courtesy Polaroid

What It Is: A pocket-sized wireless printer that spits out 2×3 photos on the fly.

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Why We Like It: In the digital photo world of escalating megapixels, Polaroid has made a good alternative play — embracing the low-fi fun the brand is known for. On the heels of last year’s no-frills action camera called the Cube, comes an equally winsome piece of tech: the Zip printer. Smaller than an iPhone 6 (although about twice as thick), this wireless printer syncs with any device via Bluetooth and allows you to make color prints with a photo paper reminiscent of the brand’s classic instant cameras. It’s a great party trick: Shoot pics of your friends or kids, and then make a print on the spot. The rechargeable printer doesn’t need ink, so the only additional expense comes in replenishing the 2×3 photo paper that comes in packs of 10. (They are about $5 each.) The color and image quality are just a smidge above decent, but like the Polaroids of old, the joy is in the instant gratification.

Nitpick: Considering all the money you have to spend on paper refills, we wish the Zip itself was slightly cheaper.