The Precision-Tuned Wireless Headphones

Mj 618_348_the precision tuned wireless headphones

The AKG K845BT Bluetooth headphones are enormous. Their ear cups alone are the circumference of oversize coffee mugs, and a headband as thick as a cattle rancher’s belt holds them together. But unlike many of the similarly priced, massive models infesting the shelves at Best Buy that feature 40mm drivers, the K845BT boast big, 50mm drivers that deliver clarity, crispness, and pro-level precision.

The result is tight bass on tracks like the Beastie Boys’ “So What’cha Want” – you can distinctly hear the crunchy chords that drive the song instead of the mushy low-end mess other headphones reproduce. They also reveal midrange and treble details deep in the mix on juicy test-tracks like the psychedelic rock of Jonathan Wilson’s “Fanfare” that other models bury.

The Bluetooth connectivity is fast and easy, thanks to controls on the right ear cup. Simply hold a button and it pairs with your phone; if you have an NFC-compatible device, you can tap-to-connect, too. And despite their size, the K845BTs don’t weigh on your ears, so you can wear them without earlobe fatigue for the entirety of a New York-to-San Francisco flight – or wherever you may be. [$300;]

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