The Rattle-Free Golf Bag

Mj 618_348_ogio golf bag review
Courtesy Ogio

Golfers often try to to silence the incessant rattle of their clubs with towels, head covers, and all manners of jerry-rigging. To help save them from the madness caused by the clinking and clanking, OGIO has come up with the Silencer system.

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About five years ago, Tom Gocke, vice president of Golf for OGIO, found himself laid low by the exasperation. “The original concept started after I had just bought a personal golf cart and had just received a new set of irons to boot,” said Gocke. “The irons were perfect, and it seemed that every bump I hit on the golf course in my cart caused all the clubs to rattle and bang into one and other. It was driving me nuts.”
As a golf executive, Gocke saw a problem to solve and saw potential profit in the solution. “After about eight months of trying to solve how to tighten around the shafts firmly enough for the clubs to not move, we had an engineer tell us the only way to keep the club heads from twisting was to lock the bottom of the club in place,” he said. “Just the slightest pressure on the bottom of the grip and the top of the club head wouldn’t turn at all. Wow, how had we not figured that one out yet?” The inspired OGIO golf design team developed a flexible locking system that prevents clubs from twisting and accommodates multiple sizes of grips. In order to prevent clubs from moving laterally, the company collaborated with a plastics expert to create a custom membrane overlay to keep them in place, but not inhibit taking clubs in and out of the bag.
The company offers the silencer in both a cart and a stand bag. For players who like to walk the course, the company has incorporated SHOXX X4 straps, which act like bungees and help balance the weight of the bag 50/50 on each shoulder. That better balance should prevent fatigue and back pain.
After several rounds walking hilly courses in the northeast with the stand bag, we found our shoulders and back nearly as fresh on the 18th tee as on the first. As for the lack of noise from clanking clubs, we enjoyed the silence. [$235;]

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