The Rise of the E-Cigar

Mj 618_348_the rise of the e cigar

Anyone who chooses to smoke a cigar in a busy spot is going to make enemies. Though the smell of a true Cohiba is far more pleasant than the reek of a menthol cigarette, it still counts as secondhand smoke, which has become public-space enemy number one. That means that enjoying a victory cigar at the stadium à la Red Auerbach or Babe Ruth is no longer possible unless you’re willing to compromise and tote along an electronic version. The surprising thing is that the new disposable e-cigar from Veppo doesn’t feel like a compromise. The paper-wrapped super stogie has a chewable tip, draws easily, and won’t bother anyone. And the guillotine cutter won’t get confiscated at the full-body scanner.

Veppo prides itself on being one of only a few companies to build e-cigars so that the vapor released by the atomizer doesn’t flow over the battery and pick up the harmful fumes that constitute one of the more serious health threats posed by smoke denuded of the chemicals found in regular cigars. But this isn’t the hidden technology that makes the Veppo disposable a standout; instead, it’s the real cigar feel in your hand, while also offering smokers roughly 1,800 puffs – enough for a half a season, but not so much that the device ends up chewed up and unpleasant.

According to a representative from Veppo, the disposable e-cigars have proven particularly popular with football fans, including Redskins owner Dan Snyder, who stocks them in his FedExField box (in an attempt to limit the amount of ash dropped on fans in the stands below). 

The key choice that Veppo buyers have to make isn’t whether to get a disposable or rechargeable cigar – get the disposable – but what flavor to choose. The options range from basic cigar, an earthy but mild taste, to Cuban cigar, which is slightly heavier, to clove, menthol, cherry, and vanilla. We’d recommend sticking with the basic cigar flavor. If you want to taste candy, buy some candy. We’d also recommend going with the low-nicotine option, which is perfect for special-occasion smokers. Let the addicts have the heavier stuff. There is a no-nicotine option as well, but the drug’s gentle buzz was always part of the cigar’s appeal.

A deep, satisfied pull is a wonderful signifier of victory. [$29.99;]

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