The Sardinian Switchblade

Oliena is renowned for its silk industry and omnipresent olives, but Andrew Zimmern remembers the Sardinian hamlet for another reason – its talented knife makers. “The Sardinians have the greatest pocket knives in the whole world,” says Zimmern, host of the Travel Channel’s ‘Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.’ “They have a gorgeous shape [and] they use them to cut everything from cured meat to fishing nets.”

Want one of your own? P.F. Lanna, who fashioned the blade Zimmern describes in the video above, accepts orders only in person, so be prepared to book a flight if you want a replica. If you speak Italian (or trust Bing Translator), try ordering from Antonia Deroma, Raimondo Sistigu, or the Fogarizzu family, all of whom maintain websites. Otherwise, you’ll have to visit a third-party site (we recommend Tradizioni Sarde) or track down a domestic dealer. No matter your choice, be prepared to take a hit: Custom orders start at $1,500, so make sure there’s enough left over for the trip home. Additional reporting by M. T. Elliott and Maria Fontoura

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