The Serta EZ Tote Mattress In A Box Combines Quality With Affordability

Serta EZ Tote Mattress

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If you feel like you’re in the market for a new mattress, you should get one as soon as you can. Sleep is nothing to play around with and you need to relax at night now. But buying a mattress can be pretty time-consuming and difficult, and a mattress can be hard to set up. Which is why you need to head on over to Serta right now to get the Serta EZ Tote Mattress.

Why should you get the Serta EZ Tote Mattress right now? For one, the biggest element in its favor is the convenience factor. We’ve all grown up having to deal with mattresses as big ole pieces of material that are hard to wrangle. Heavy and inconvenient to deal with. But with this one, none of that is the case. Because this bad boy comes in a box.

That’s right. The Serta EZ Tote Mattress comes in a box. It’s been compressed down to a super small size and packed in a box. The box is pretty light and makes it so much easier to pick up from the porch when it’s delivered and put in the bedroom. And when you’re ready to set it up, you just gotta open the box and slide it out. From there, you let it unfold and get into shape.

Getting into shape doesn’t take much time at all. You can go into the kitchen and get a nice cold drink, slurping it all down before you go back into the bedroom. At that time, the mattress is good to go. Your preference for firmness (8 inches for a firmer feel, 10 inches for something a little softer) doesn’t even matter in this case. From delivery to set up, you won’t be spending much time at all getting your new bedroom set in order.

Serta EZ Tote Mattress

Comfort is also a big reason why the Serta EZ Tote Mattress is so impressive. Packed in tight into that box is a mattress that, when unfurled, will deliver you quite the restful night’s sleep. Get yourself a nice pillow and a good sheet set and you will be ready to count sheep like a newborn baby. All of which sounds like it would be very expensive, but it really isn’t.

That’s another big reason why the Serta EZ Tote Mattress is a top choice. Because for this level of convenience and comfort, you would expect it to be pretty costly. Quite the contrary. This option is beyond affordable. Pricing starts at $299 for a twin and ends at $549 for a king. No matter what size you need, you won’t be spending all that much money giving your bedroom a big upgrade.

In terms of confidence in the product, Serta offers up a 120 day trial for the mattress. That way you can try it out for a while and if for some reason the mattress doesn’t relax you at night, you can return it or exchange it with no problems at all. And it has a 10-year guarantee, which allows you to rest easy knowing you won’t have to spend money on a replacement any time soon.

Serta is one of the best brands around in terms of mattresses. When you get a hold of this Serta EZ Tote Mattress, you will completely understand why. Gone are the days of dealing with clunky installation processes with a new mattress that costs a lot of money. For a too hard-to-beat price, you can get a top-of-the-line mattress delivered to your home in a convenient box. So pick one up now and get to sleep easier from now on.

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