The Shoe That Runs on Ice


For those of use that run through the winter – whether for our dogs or just the need for exercise in fresh air – wet, slick roads can be treacherous. To keep grip on the ground even when it’s covered in black ice, there’s the Icebugs Certo BUGrip. The Swedish-made shoe sports 17 carbide studs on the bottom of the rubber sole that provide snowmobile-like traction even on the slickest ice.

Run on standard surfaces, and the millimeter-high studs are compressed into the soft rubber of the Certo’s sole. This enables the shoes to run well on unscathed land, but bite securely into ice as you pass over patches. Coated, water-resistant nylon uppers let us stomp through slush and kept our wool-socked feet warm even in single digits. And the only time our feet have got wet during testing as when we overtopped them in a puddle. It’s quite a feeling for a runner to be confident on his feet in the dead of winter – not having to stutter step or switch his footing near ice. When wearing the Certos, we were able to maintain our normal, relaxed gait on any surface. And that’s incredible. [; $175]

Field Notes Days
Tested: 20 days
Area Used: Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Activities: Running Conditions
Encountered: Ice, slush, cold
Nitpick: They are stiffer than most running shoes, so expect a break in period.