The Short Game Savior

Mj 618_348_the short game savior

A good short game is the hardest thing for a golfer to nail. In most hands, the standard 56-degree wedge can be as subtle as a rocket-propelled grenade when you mis-hit with it. Enter TaylorMade’s easy swinging, confidence-inspiring ATV Wedges, which have a lower leading edge for chip shots, and heel and toe relief that helps cut through deep rough. They’re the golf world’s version of the Swiss Army Knife – a single wedge designed for tight lies, sand, or thick turf. The same ATV Wedge might replace two that you’re carrying, allowing you to add another long-range weapon to the bag. And as a bonus, the all-milled groove design and micro-textured face produce maximum spin without offending the fastidious folks at the USGA. Take it from this short-range bumbler: The ATVs can take the fear factor out of shots from 100 yards and in, no matter what kind of lie you have. We’ve reduced our handicap index by three strokes since switching. That’s a minor miracle. [$120;]

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