The Ski Goggles That Record Your Every Move

Mj 618_348_zeal hd2 camera goggle
Zeal Optics

Point-of-view footage shredding powder through the trees is cool. Having a big camera strapped to your helmet is not. Zeal Optics’ new HD2 Goggle comes with a built-in HD camera capable of capturing high quality 1080p 12-megapixel video without the embedded camera means you don’t have to parade around the mountain looking like a quail.

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A small LCD viewfinder screen inside lets you see what the camera placed in the middle of your forehead on the goggle frame is capturing. The easy-to-find buttons make it easier to turn on and off the camera and record. The camera is also WiFi-enabled, which allows you to connect it to your smartphone and operate it from there.

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There’s no fiddling around with the orientation or placement of the camera either, and it’s positioned so it maximizes the 170-degree wide-angle lens to capture our board or skis, including ultra-slow motion face shots in deep powder. If sharing the footage is a priority, the ZealHD2 app lets you do it directly from your phone, even while sipping hot cocoa back at the lodge. [$499;]

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