The Standout Golf Shoe

Mj 618_348_the standout golf shoe

Slip on a pair Adidas’s new adicross Tour and one thing will be instantly clear: This golf shoe was made to Velcro you firmly to the earth while you violently rotate your shoulders and torso. Which is to say they’re purpose built, not one of today’s many multitaskers. So while they’re not a good fit to be worn in nightclubs, or at the supermarket, or during sports psychology sessions, they do the one thing they’re supposed to do with flying colors.

Modern golf shoes aspire to work that fine line between stability and flexibility. Make them too rugged, and foot pain follows; too loosey-goosey, and you don’t feel anchored sufficiently to take a good swat at the ball off the tee (or even from the sand). With the Tour, Adidas achieves a fine balance between lightweight construction and orthopedic support, delivering both comfort and confidence. Specifically: Seven sturdy spikes undergird the sole, full-grain aniline leather hugs your feet, and an ultralight Cloudfoam sock liner makes for a cool and cushioning walk in the woods. All tucked into a no-nonsense, classic design that bespeaks purpose over dandyism, yet the shoe still has a 21st-century sleekness.

And for those of you who don’t like changing in and out of shoes after a round, the Tour does come in a spikeless version as well. So the option is there to transition from the fairway to the freeway without wasting a precious urban moment. Same waterpoof upper, but the outsole is studded with 100 durable traction lugs that work as well on turf as they do on the treadmill. [$200, or $150 without spikes;]

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