The Stink-Free Running Jersey


We’re going to go out on a limb and say that some of you work out to look good. But why not look good while you work out? This long-sleeve running jersey from Ashmei eschews the flashy neon colors and techno stylings of many mainstream synthetic running tops, for a more classic, almost vintage design. It’s actually made of a custom merino wool that looks and feels great. It might not be the cheapest item in your running bag, but we guess that’s to be expected if you want to stand out from the guy on the treadmill next to you.

You don’t have to worry that a wool running top will soak up sweat and soon become a weighty (or worse, rubbing) drag. Ashmei chose merino wool thanks to its excellent wicking properties, which means it’s also pretty good at regulating your body temperature when you’re pounding the streets – something we can verify after a few wintry five-mile runs in one. What we really like, though, is how it blends a classic varsity, rowing club-inspired look with modern touches, like a slot on the back for an mp3 player and a side zip pocket for your phone or keys.

Of course, with the chilly bite of winter starting to make itself known, those long sleeves – complete with thumb holes – will really help keep Jack Frost at bay. Conversely, if things ever get too hot, there’s a good length of zip on the neck for some instant ventilation. All of this makes the Ashmei jersey one of the most comfortable and stylish we’ve tried, and we’ve worn a few. One last trick: Thanks to the natural properties of merino wool – it prevents bacteria from building up without the need for chemicals – this jersey stays stink free no matter how many miles you tick off while wearing it. You’ll still need to wash it first – it’s not that clever. [$130;]