The Stronger Hammock for Any Adventure

Mj 618_348_the stronger hammock for any adventure
Courtesy Hummingbird Hammocks

The Single Hammock from Hummingbird Hammocks, designed with parachute-strength nylon, makes for an essential piece of camping gear — especially when you consider its 300-pound limit. It weighs 30 percent less than anything else on the market, according to the company, which means the entire package is as portable as it is strong: Slip it comfortably into a water-bottle pouch on a backpack, or easily attach it with a light carabiner if you’re out of usable pockets. More of a drive-and-park outdoorsman? It will fit in the glovebox, too.

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We planned to test the Single on several trees to see if there was any difference in hold between younger and older trees, but once we slipped into the cocoon from our first setup, we lost track of time. The only disadvantage over a rope mesh alternative is breathability — we could see it getting fairly warm during hotter months. But given that most folks tend to lie in a hammock with a blanket to try and make it warmer (and that rope hammocks are extremely easy to tangle between uses), this is definitely a superior alternative to use anywhere out of direct sunlight during the majority of the year.

When we were ready to move on, it took about two minutes to shove the hammock back into its built-in tote. After folding and securing the ropes back together, the entire package still could fit snugly inside an oversized coffee cup — and definitely in a small backpack pocket. So it’s much easier to enjoy on a trip when you’re not sacrificing other tools to include it. And you deserve a little relaxation for saving yourself all that setup time, don’t you? 

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