The Two-in-One Carry-On

Mj 618_348_a more versatile carry on
Courtesy Eagle Creek

To beat the airlines at their own baggage fee game, many travelers choose to make a rolling carry-on work. But load it up with souvenirs or gifts to take home, and suddenly you need another bag. That’s where Eagle Creek’s Tandem Warrior 22 delivers: You can have two separate pieces of luggage when you detach and unzip a separate duffel from the main rolling suitcase.

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As an entire bag, the Tandem Warrior is as big as airlines allow — 22 x 14 x 9 inches (the duffel is slightly smaller at 22 x 14 x 7.5 inches). A hinged foot keeps the bag from tipping over, even when it’s overstuffed, and compression straps on the outside of the rolling suitcase and duffel keep your items extra contained. Oversized grab handles makes it easy to pull out of the overhead. The carry-on comes with a lifetime warranty, but you probably won’t need to use it thanks to extra protection around the edges and its tough fabric that’s proven to withstand international travel.

On a recent trip to Scandinavia, we packed everything into the Tandem Warrior we needed to run a three-day race, plus extra outfits for after the event. Heading home, we unzipped the bag into two, which took less than 10 seconds. We checked the rolling bag with a bottle of Aquavit and other Nordic souvenirs, and we carried on our clothes with the duffel. [$299;]

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