The Ultimate Obstacle Race Shoe

Courtesy Reebok

If you’ve shied away from a dedicated obstacle-race sneaker because of the cost or clunkiness of most mudder shoes, Reebok’s All Terrain Super is your reason to reconsider.

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Surprisingly lightweight and flexible, the All Terrain fits snugly and has a low-profile that helps you feel agile and fast, whether you’re precision-bounding through a sea of tires, leaping over wires, or just sprinting to your next obstacle. You’re not sacrificing durability for weight, either. The sole’s nubby square lugs help you gain a little purchase to climb over walls, and they’ll keep you on your feet over mud-slicked hills or on slippery tree stumps and bridges (the “toe pick” at the top of sole is particularly helpful in these situations). A reinforced rubber midsole gives you more lateral stability if you’re cutting side-to-side, and also lends traction for climbing ropes and rope ladders. Maybe the feature you’ll notice the least during a race, but most after, are the mesh drainage ports that allow water to seamlessly strain out of the shoe so you’re not sloshing in your socks for miles. And if you cross the finish line dirt-caked, you can get the All Terrain’s flashy neon color-pops back by throwing it in the wash on a light spin cycle — good as new.

The kicker is that, while all of these attributes make the All Terrain an ideal obstacle-racing shoe, they serve just as well if you’re going on a trail run or hike. That gives this sneaker 3-in-1 cred — well worth the $120 price tag.

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