The Wind-Beating Camping Stove


What It Is: A personal camping stove that works in even the coldest, windiest elements.

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Why We Like It: When you’re camping, wind — even the most negligible draft — can put your flame out like that and end all hopes of dinner. And in the backcountry, not having a warm meal can be a fatal problem. MSR has solved this problem by creating a wind-resistant stove with the WindBurner Stove System. It’s built with the manufacturer’s Reactor technology, which uses a radiant burner with a heat exchanger and internal pressure regulator. This means it’s more efficient and burns less fuel. MSR then combined that with a construction that blocks out wind by completely enclosing the radiant burner. Tested at the MSR’s research facilities in Seattle, the WindBurner boiled water a full minute quicker in 8-mph winds than leading competition, and took only a few seconds longer to boil in 12-mph winds, where most competing stoves didn’t boil at all.

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We tested out the system for a week in the backcountry of British Columbia, using it on the edge of exposed cliffs that you can only reach via helicopter. Other than the gnats getting into our coffee, we had no problems carrying, setting up, and heating up the stove — it was easy to use, and lightweight enough for a quick overnighter (the 1L stove weighs in at just under a pound). Plus, the compact pot twisted on securely without slipping or spilling. The system is compact and self-contained, with an insulated drinking and straining pot, and a pressure regulator for reliability. Even on the windiest days, the MSR WindBurner brewed coffee and warmed up our stews — giving us the fuel we needed without wasting any of our own.

Nitpick: The 1L system is available now, and the multiperson, 1.8L WindBurner Personal Stove System and its accessories will be available in spring 2016. If you already have the original WindBurner stove and just want a bigger pot, the 1.8L WindBurner Accessory Pot will fit seamlessly.


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