The World’s Most Portable Flash Drive

Mj 618_348_gigs2go review
Courtesy Gigs 2 Go

Flash drives make our lives easier, but they’re useless if you forget them in your computer at home. Gigs 2 Go, a pre-packaged group of four flash drives the size of the cards in your wallet, make it easier to carry a memory stick at all times, especially when you want to rip some music from your buddy or pack that important business presentation. 

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Each Gigs 2 Go card carries four perforated USB 2.0 sticks, and comes in 1, 8, or 16 GB. You can easily tear one off, load it into the USB port, and transfer data quickly. And you no longer need to plug it into your computer to know its contents: Label directly onto the drive’s card stock casing. 

There are some obvious drawbacks to the overly simple presentation: Once you’ve used one, there isn’t a protective cover to slip over it. The drives are hardly indestructible, but they’re more likely to get lost before they break, due to their small size. But you’re not really using these for long-term projects or semi-permanent storage; you’re keeping them on your desk or in your wallet — at the ready when you’re out of the office, and tossing it in a change bowl when you get home from work.
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