The Theragun G3PRO Takes Your Recovery Up a Notch

Recovery is an important tool for pro athletes. And for those of us who aren’t, we still need a way to relieve back tightness or free knots from our quads, even if it’s just to survive a CrossFit class. If you want to bust up some knots, reach for a serious tool. That’s really what the Theragun G3PRO is.

The Best Gear to Maximize Your Recovery and Fitness

The Best Gear to Maximize Your Recovery and Fitness

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At its core, this is a 12-volt reciprocating saw, and it works kind of like what you’d find strolling down the aisle at a hardware store. The G3PRO’s run time is controlled by two rechargeable batteries that pack 3.0 amp hours each, which is twice as much as some of the competition (for non-battery nerds out there, that means it’ll run longer than the same 12-volt batteries that have only 1.5 amp hours). Expect about 70 minutes of run time per battery.

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Chuck any of the six different attachments on the end of the nearly 3-pound G3PRO and get to work. The heads run the range from a wide, semi-hard ball that covers large areas to a harder cone-shaped version for precision work. They even have a flat one you can use to work along your IT bands. With a rotating arm, it’s easy to cover a lot of your back and shoulders, but chances are you won’t reach everything.

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We used it to work the lower legs on high speed, switching to a lower speed on the upper back. We were able to reach a (self-diagnosed!) pinched nerve situation that flairs up after a few hours of sitting. The sensation is relaxing and there isn’t an excessive amount of vibration in the hand that’s holding the tool. So how loud is it? It’s about the same noise level as a hairdryer.

The overall design is pretty sleek, given the goal of this device is to punch your body, fast and often.

One nitpick: We wish it were a bit smaller to make it easier to travel with. This could be a real lifesaver after a long flight, but not when it takes up half a carry-on bag’s worth of space. [$600;]

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