With These 5 Apps, Who Needs a Personal Assistant?

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There are days when every guy feels like he could use an assistant. Now there are services and apps across the board that can give you a hand or two, whether it’s to organize contacts, schedule a meeting, or just to do laundry and pick up groceries. From an algorithm-assisted meeting planner to an app that promises all the care of a butler, here are some of our favorites.

The Meeting Planner
Genee handles multiple calendars to help you cut out the hundred emails sent to plan a meeting. It takes your instructions, such as, “Find us a time to meet between 2 and 5 on Thursday.” It can do it with plenty of people, and then let you know when it’s finalized, saving your time and your inbox. Free; web.genee.me

The Flight Finder
Fancy Hands comes in, well, handy, for occasional, basic research and administrative tasks. Search for a florist, find cheap flight options, or even grab movie tickets for the night. The service can track down phone numbers for you, and it can even put in a call to, say, your cable company to fight for a better rate, if you’re willing to share your account information. From $30 per month; fancyhands.com

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Tech Support
If all of your needs are Web-based, you might consider using Time Etc to take the load off your shoulders and get some time away from the screen. Time Etc operates as a full personal/professional assistant, doing everything from writing your tweets and following your invoices, to handling all the planning for that business trip next week: accommodations, reservations, meals, and a rental car. From $22 per hour; web.timeetc.com

The Outsourced Assistant
Red Butler can do all of the things an assistant can do, including holding calls and then patching you in later. You’re assigned an individual assistant who will handle most of your activities personally: organize invoices, deal with sensitive material securely, handle your expense reports, and help you find a gift for that holiday at the last minute. From $175 per month; redbutler.com

The Desk Cleaner
You might not be leading a double life as a superhero, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t use some physical help around the bat cave. For regular physical service, Alfred provides a faithful butler who can handle all of those physical tasks for you, from cleaning services to organization and errands. You’ll have one person assigned to you, who can wait around for the cable guy, pick up groceries, water plants, and whatever else you can think of — just be prepared for a few extra fees if there’s travel involved. From $32 a week; helloalfred.com

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