These Emergency Kits Take Surviving Catastrophic Situations to an Entirely New Level

Photo: Courtesy of Preppi

We’ve all been there: Awake at night, imagining the worst. Tsunami sirens blare, earthquakes level escape routes, fires rage across hillsides, tornadoes rip through neighborhoods. And then the zombies attack.

These disasters aren’t total hypotheticals. (OK, maybe the zom-pocalypse.) The fact remains that certain natural catastrophes can still invade your family’s pleasant world any time they please. It’s critical to be prepared with a contingency plan—and this plan should most definitely include proper provisions.

Always ready when you need it. Photo: Courtesy of Preppi

And, if you’re particular about creature comforts that you simply can’t live without (apocalypse or not), then Preppi has you covered. Built for serious situations, Preppi has its full line of emergency kits not only fully stocked, but also packaged in stylish fashion, equipped with the highest of quality survival gear, plus several extras to elevate whatever situation you’re stuck in.

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With a line of emergency kits that range from the 3-Day Emergency Go-Box ($100), up to the top-of-the-line Prepster Ultra Advanced Fire-Proof Emergency Bag ($4,995) the team at Preppi has thoughtfully developed bug-out essentials for every degree or prepper paranoia.

Their flagship The Prepster Ultra Advanced Fireproof Emergency Bag has everything you need. Photo: Courtesy of Preppi

“The core of every Preppi kit is a military grade three-day supply of food and water with a five-year shelf life as outlined by survival experts and government agencies,” states the brand. “We then add everything from basic necessities such as rain ponchos to advanced tech such as satellite messengers—helping you and your family smoothly manage any scenario.”

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Let’s dive into some of the items that make these high-end survival setups so superb. To start, have you ever seen a deluxe kit that included a night-vision scope? How about an Essentials Kit from Malin + Goetz and Kusmi Tea Darjeeling No. 37 Black tea? Or a GPS satellite messenger, BioLite solar charging panel, and even a locator beacon?

The Prepster Advanced with the BioLite solar panel are things you’ll be so happy you have when disaster strikes. Photo: Courtesy of Preppi

As you can clearly see, Preppi holds nothing back on any of its additions to these kits. As one of Oprah’s Favorite Things, like the Prepster Emergency Backpack is not only the perfect gift idea, but also a great addition to any household. It’s a bit counter-intuitive as an item you hope to never use, but it could make all the difference in a life-threatening situation.

“If a natural disaster strikes, you shouldn’t have to waste time grabbing spare batteries and a toothbrush,” said Oprah in the Dec. 2019 issue of O. “I like this backpack because it’s already good to go with essentials like a pop-up tube tent, bandages, a USB charger, rope, duct tape, water, and even freeze-dried ice cream.”

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Preppi even makes the Little Prepster for Kids ($295). Complete with thoughtful items such as an activity pack and colored pencils, hand-turbine radio and flashlight, glowsticks, TCHO Chocolate, and (as Oprah mentions above) Astronaut Ice cream, this pack is precisely what the younger demographic not only needs to survive, but also needs to stay positive during difficult scenarios.

The Little Prepster is precisely what the kiddos need during difficult situations. Photo: Courtesy of Preppi

It goes without saying that when disaster hits, the proper emergency items are crucial. Preppi redefines “on-the-go essentials” to include items that not only physically lend a hand, but also psychologically boost morale—often just as important. Take the poker set and backgammon game as intangibles to help weather whatever catastrophe is ahead.

“We seek to inspire more people around the world to be prepared for any situation,” the brand continues. “With extreme weather and unpredictable emergencies being commonplace globally, it is no longer an option to treat the topic of preparedness lightly.”

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We would even go a bit further to add that the smallest elements they include in each of their kits might also be some of the most important. When moods get dampened and hopes get muddled, Preppi has carefully selected things that might just shed that glimmer of light when things get dark—both literally and figuratively speaking.

Conveniently placed when you need it most. Photo: Courtesy of Preppi

Get prepared by checking out the full line of Preppi products on their website.

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