Bentley Motors Debuts Gold-Plated Skis With Bode Miller’s Bomber Ski

bomber ski bentley
Courtesy of Bomber Ski

When it comes to luxury, few brands carry high-price prestige quite like Bentley Motors. In the ski world, Bomber Ski is making similar strides to the vaunted high ends of the sport. And when it comes to a high-luxe collab, both brands have the engineering and manufacturing chops to produce industry-leading quality to satiate the most refined tastes. So, why not?

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On Tuesday, in honor of Bentley’s 100th anniversary, Bomber and Bentley announced a new global partnership with the unveiling their all-new limited edition Bomber for Bentley line of skis — complete with 24-karat gold-plated inserts. (Would you expect anything less?)

bomber ski bentley
Black Diamond Edition (Left), and the Centenary Edition (Right). Courtesy of Bomber Ski

Working closely with Olympic ski legend and Bomber Ski co-owner Bode Miller, the design teams at Bentley and Bomber spent 18 months between New York and Italy. The result has exceeded all expectations with two eye-catching ski designs: the Centenary Edition and the Black Diamond Edition.

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“On Bomber skis, one can actually feel the passion of the craftsmen that built them, an experience that no machine-made ski can reproduce,” Miller said in a press release. “I’m thrilled to see this partnership with Bentley Motors so that we can enhance that 360-degree experience to even more enthusiasts throughout the world.”

Each pair of skis takes 32 hours to make, meticulously handcrafted in the Bomber facility in Biella, Italy. They use sandwich construction, and feature a wood-fiber core covered by two layers of Titanal.

Bomber produced only 100 pairs of Centenary Edition and only 200 pairs of Black Diamond Edition. And while these skis aren’t necessarily geared toward your average skier — with a price tag of $2,750 for Black Diamond; $3,750 for Centenary — the new high price bar for a pair of skis at least makes an average lift ticket seem less expensive in comparison. Call it a silver lining to the gold plates.

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“The project was a collaboration of experts who share our key values of next level craftsmanship and unrivaled design,” stated Bentley lead designer Chris Cooke. “Everything we design has purpose, so the 3D geometry on the surface of the ski not only creates a dramatic aesthetic but is concentrated around the areas where support and response are needed most by the skier. This creates a design execution that has never been seen before and an experience for the user that surpasses all expectations.”

bomber ski bentley
Bode Miller testing the Bomber for Bentley Centenary Edition. Courtesy of Bomber Ski

Following this unveiling, the two brands plan to continue offering unique, international ski and drive events to unite like-minded outdoor enthusiasts in some of the world’s premier ski destinations.

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