This Car Will Save You From a Speeding Ticket

Ford's Intelligent Speed Limiter can read signs and lower your speed.
Ford's Intelligent Speed Limiter can read signs and lower your speed.Courtesy Ford

A new car feature from Ford could protect you from speed traps and expensive tickets. The automotive giant has started installing a smart driving system that reads speed limit signs and detects speed cameras. In response, the system automatically throttles back the engine.

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Ford introduced the technology, called Intelligent Speed Limiter (ISL), with the newest model of its European S-Max car — the ISL will be available worldwide, says Ford. Drivers set their own speed, but when the car detects a speed limit lower than what's set, it slows the car by adjusting the amount of fuel to your engine. Then, when you are out of the slower speed zone, the car will pick back up without you having to lift a finger or push a pedal.

If you want to make a pass, the system can be deactivated with the push of a button or a hard press to the gas pedal. It's operated through a camera mounted on the car's windshield, and can be upgraded to also include pedestrian detection and collision warnings.

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