This Is the Smartest Bike Lock of All Time

When it comes to keeping your bicycle safe, there is no shortage of reliable, well-built, and inventive locks on the market. There’s the SkunkLock, which sprays any ne’er-do-well with a stink bomb during attempted thefts. There are locks armed with 10mm links, steel bars, and Bluetooth-linking locks. But there’s a new lock on the block that combines both innovative technology and traditional lock strength to keep thieves at bay.

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The Deeper Lock PRO and Deeper Lock PRO+, created by a company called Deeper, act not only as a lock, but also a bicycle security system. The lock comes fully equipped with a host of anti-theft features — including motion sensors that activate the moment you secure the lock. If the sensors detect any suspicious movement, the lock’s GPS tracking feature is activated and will instantly start transmitting information to your smartphone while simultaneously setting off a 110-decibal alarm to draw attention to the scene of the crime. That’s the same volume as a power saw, so you can bet it will turn heads and alert everyone nearby.

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You can lock and unlock it via the Deeper Lock app on your phone, and check your bike’s location for peace of mind at any time thanks to the GPS tracker. The Deeper Lock PRO uses Bluetooth connection to send alerts, while the Deeper Lock PRO + is the only smart lock available to use both GSM and Bluetooth for this function, which gives you unlimited range. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a connection, you’ll be able to receive notifications about your bike.

Since the device is more of a full-on security system than a lock, it needs to be powered up. But the folks at Deeper thought ahead. Both models of the Deeper Lock use solar-powered lithium-ion batteries that only need three days outside per month to stay fully charged. Live in a cave? Don’t worry. You can also plug your phone into a built-in USB port on the lock to power up the battery yourself. Dead phone? Each lock comes with an NFC tag that allows you to control it without a signal to your app.

While the Deeper Lock is tech-savvy, its durability was not overlooked during design. The waterproof lock is made of 1.2 mm solid steel, with a keyless locking mechanism, and it can withstand extreme cold up to -4 degrees and extreme heat up to 104 degrees. The entire device is also encased in a steel-enforced coat of armor so thieves can’t easily be rid of the lock.

The lock made its debut at CES 2017, where it was just named an honoree in the Wireless Handset Accessories category. Currently, there is no information on pricing, but Deeper’s website is the best place to check for pricing and sale information as it becomes available.

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