This Panasonic Electric Razor is Perfect for Any Student Heading Back to School

Panasonic Arc6 Electric Razor

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If you got a son going off to school this Fall, they need to have the right gear in their dorm. You don’t want them to be without their essentials. And one of the essentials for any growing boy is a good shaving kit. This means that they would really benefit from having the Panasonic Arc6 Electric Razor in their life.

The Panasonic Arc6 Electric Razor is a godsend for any man looking for an easy shave. No need to get shaving cream or having to worry about nicking oneself with the blade. You just plug it in, let the bad boy charge, and get to work. We know because we got a hold of one ourselves and we fell in love with it pretty instantly.

Panasonic Arc6 Electric Razor

Using this Panasonic Arc6 Electric Razor is great because you will get a deep, clean shave every time. That’s because it is made with 6 blades to really get in there nice and deep like. Not only that but the Mag-Lev Tech this is made with. This means you get 84,000 cross-cutting actions per minute with a head that moves in 22 different independent directions.

Even better is that this has a beard sensor to help this razor get an even closer shave. It’ll sense the length and thickness of the beard as well as the contours of ones face to increase or decrease the power. Use this in the shower or in front of the bathroom mirror to get the shave you’ve always wanted. That’s ideal for a year away at the dorm.

Anybody would benefit from having the Panasonic Arc6 Electric Razor in their life. We know because we only shave our heads, not our beards. But for anyone looking to stay nicely groomed, this is the pickup for them. Grab one of these right now to help that kid of yours that’s going back to school the shave they need.

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