This Piece of Gear Brings Luxury to the Backcountry

A idyllic night in a tent with a significant other has long been a romantic fallacy, at least until recently. Large tents have been around, well, pretty much forever. Conducive sleeping bags, on the other hand, have not. For years the camping community has resigned itself to spooning in adjacent sleeping bags, wishing there was a better way.

Plenty of space for two.

That changed with the emergence of double sleeping bags in the couple few years. Doubles enable cuddling freedom – and when needed, space to sleep separately, too. What’s better than sharing body heat with your partner and having some space to roll around? After researching and testing a handful of options, we’ve settled on the Nemo’s Jazz Luxury Duo ($230) as the bag that sets the high bar for comfort and cuddling freedom, while camping.

Comfort, anywhere.

At first glance most double sleeping bags – the Jazz Duo included – look pretty much the same: large, rectangular, and filled with insulation. You could easily just buy the cheapest one and move on, but we urge you not to do that. Just like your mattress, sheets, and comforter at home, double sleeping bags vary greatly in function and comfort.

Let’s start with the basics of what sets this bag apart. The Jazz Duo offers the first-ever integrated sheet, which is easy to remove and machine washable. This is a big bonus on warm nights, and saves you the pain of washing the entire sleeping bag. Second, the Jazz has two-way zippers on both sides, allowing you and your partner to adjust the top quilt separately. Last, the tapered cut of the bag reduces volume to keep you warmer.

With an integrated topsheet, you have the option to adjust.

To be clear, we’re not suggesting you take the Jazz Duo Luxury on rugged backcountry trips. The name pretty much implies that itself. The bag is not designed for lightweight backpacking. Instead, this double sleeping bag is a grab-and-go style item, great for car camping. You can store the Jazz together with an inflatable pad in one convenient duffel.

The sleeping surface is a soft, quilted Pillowtop. The Luxury model fits people up to 6’8” and sleeping pads as wide as 60”. It’s rated to 20-degrees, weighs 8 pounds, and can be packed down to a 31” x 14” diameter roll. The exterior material is made from ripstop nylon and treated with DWR finish. The bag is filled with Stratofiber, a warm and reasonably light synthetic fill. In all, the Jazz Duo Luxury will help make camping a little more comfortable – almost rivaling your bed at home.

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