This Writer is Super Pissed at Apple… For Maybe the Dumbest Reason


I am pretty much agnostic when it comes to the raging debate over whether it’s a good or a bad thing that, with the iPhone 7, Apple has officially done away with the traditional headphone jack and is instead relying on the lightning port. There are positives, certainly, and probably some negatives. I don’t know — as with most things, it feels like the initial transition will be mildly jarring, but then pretty soon we’ll be like, “Wait, remind me, what was a headphone jack again?”

But, so, about those drawbacks. At first, some people wondered if all their old headphones — Apple-manufactured pieces of junk or otherwise — would be rendered obsolete. But no, of course that’s not the case! As pretty much anyone with an internet connection could have told you ahead of time, the iPhone 7 would ship with a lightning-to-3.5mm adapter that would allow you to use literally any headphones on the planet Earth. Simple. No problem. Which is why it’s basically unfathomable that this article, titled “I Went A Week Without a Headphone Jack, And It Was Not Good,” was published over at Yahoo Finance.

You know why the writer's week wasn’t good? Do you? Oh, I’ll tell you: It’s because he accidentally threw out the fucking adapter. He threw that shit right in the garbage along with the packaging. And then he has the gall to be like, “Based on sheer principle, I refuse to fork over $9 for something I’ve taken for granted on every single iPhone I’ve owned since 2007.” Oh ok! Cool principles! But how ‘bout in light of all your principles you don’t review a product that’s missing an integral piece it was shipped with?

I am far from an Apple apologist or fanboy or whatever — if my iPhone 6's battery goes from 60 percent to 1 percent with no warning one more time, I'm going to smash it… uh, and then go buy an iPhone 7, probably — but my goodness, give me a break. Had the dude not thrown the adapter in the garbage, one of his main gripes would be a total non-issue. Instead, he's left whining that he has "four pairs of 'old-school' EarPods lying around that are semi-obsolete," which, is of course entirely his fault. 

Now, to be fair, he also brings up a point that I believe is a legitimate: that you can't listen to music on wired headphones and charge your phone at the same time, which I guess does seem like a bummer even though it's not something I ever do. But fine, this is a perfectly acceptable gripe, mostly because it is not a direct result of ignorance or personal negligence. That's how gripes work.  

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