Tiffany & Co. Selling this Season’s Hottest $1,000 Tin Can

 Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

American luxury retailer Tiffany & Co. want to sell you the fanciest soup can of all time. 

OK, it’s not exactly like the tin cans you’d find in the recycling bin, but the price tag does sit at $1,000. As part of the company’s Everyday Objects line of products, the 4.5-inch receptacle is made from sterling silver, lined with vermeil, and accented with a with “Tiffany Blue® enamel” stripe on the exterior. 

The can would look lovely on any artisan’s desk holding pens or something. If that’s not your speed, you could always sip a cold beverage out of the can through the $350 Everyday Objects drinking straw.

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