Tiny Gear: Burton Riglet Reel + Hover Cover

Any parent knows that introducing small children to a new activity (especially one taking place in cold temperatures) can be an astronomical challenge.

It should all be fun and games. Photo: Courtesy of Burton

Taking the necessary steps to prepare for these adventures is of the utmost importance and should be executed with a heavy dose of tactfulness. The whole point is to have fun, so it’s crucial that the experience begin fun, and end fun.

This is where “fun” gets complicated. Snowboarding is one of those activities, much like surfing, where once you’re out in the elements, you’re neck deep in commitment. It’s a pretty big gamble to take with kids: will they like it?

What if you could begin the lesson in the comfort of the warm cabin?

Opening a brand-new snowboard for a 4-year-old is an exciting moment. They want to strap in and hop around on it, but quickly get bored as the reality sets in that they’re not moving.

Luckily for parents everywhere, Burton addressed this problem of off-hill boredom. What makes the Burton Riglet Reel ($35) with the Riglet Hover Cover ($25) so rad is that kids get the feeling of jamming on their board, right out of the box. The Hover Cover slips right over their little board, covering it completely (except for the bindings) with a soft bottom material for extra sliding capabilities. And the Reel clips right into the holes on the nose so you can get to pulling your grommet all over the place.

The Hover Cover is key. Photo: Courtesy of Burton

Why We Chose It

We wanted to give our little shredder a fun experience with his new gear, even before we hit the hill. The Burton Riglet system seemed like the perfect for our needs.

Keep the happy vibes going all day long. Photo: Courtesy of Burton

Why We Liked It

After the excitement of his new board settled down, it was time to break out the Riglet gear. The Riglet system was perfect in that it gave us an instant solution to A) getting physically on his new gear and B) getting him comfortable being strapped in and moving with his proper foot forward.

The Hover Cover took it even further by allowing us to jam around the carpet in the living room, and even through the kitchen on the tile floor (all without damaging our carpet, tile, or the board itself). It even glides oh-so well with very little effort from Mom and Dad (a huge bonus).

Once we finally got to the hill that following weekend, our son already knew how to pop himself up from the sitting position, which foot he was supposed to be leading with and was pleasantly comfortable with the physics of the whole operation. Win, win, win.

The Riglet Reel is so simple, but oh-so helpful is keeping your little one stoked. Photo: Courtesy of Burton

Tester Tip

Cautiously testing the waters prior to diving into activities like skiing and snowboarding is almost as important as the activity come game day. Be happy, have fun with the whole experience and try your best not push them or get frustrated (a lesson we can personally attest to). Patience is key, positivity is crucial and a small tool like the Riglet Reel + Hover Cover makes it all that much more pleasant.

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