Amazon’s Top Resistance Bands Have Nearly 9,000 Reviews—and They’re Only $11

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If you’ve been exercising for years, you’ve probably experienced the following maladies: Achy joints from all the heavy weights, boredom with your workouts, or your job restricts the time and space you have to work out regularly. There’s a simple, easy, versatile solution to all three—resistance bands.

Even if you’ve never been a gym rat, resistance bands are a fantastic way to tone muscle and recover from injury. If you’ve got achy joints, bands are a low-impact option to build muscle while keeping your joints from further damage. If you’re bored to death with your current workouts, bands create a new way to stimulate muscle growth by making it easier to control the resistance and keep it consistently on the targeted muscle. And if you’re stuck in a cubicle or hotel room for days on end, bands are an easy workout just about anywhere.

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While these are a great reason to get yourself a set of resistance bands to take with you to the office or on trips, the best thing about resistance bands is obviously their simplicity—and the low cost. Gym memberships and workout equipment can be very expensive, but resistance bands are usually affordable to anybody on any budget.


Fit Simplify

Right now, you can get a set of five Fit Simplify resistance bands—Amazon’s highest-rated exercise band with a solid four-star rating even after nearly 9,000 customer reviews—for under $11. Even better, the set comes complete with its own instructional guide, carry satchel, access to an instructional eBook, and an online library of dozens of resistance band workouts.

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Fit Simplify resistance bands are made of 100 percent latex—not rubber, which is far cheaper and tends to break easily. These latex bands are stronger and able to stretch further. And they hold their elasticity even after years. You feel the same resistance after a hundred reps as you did after the first ten. Second, these bands are comfortable, soft, and easy on the skin. The only way to achieve that is to age the latex  for a long time in tightly controlled circumstances such as temperature and humidity before making it into these bands. This takes time and costs Fit Simplify more money to produce them as compared to rubber resistance bands. But clearly the results speak for — almost 9,000 reviewers can’t be wrong.

If you’ve been thinking about trying a resistance band workout—or if you just want the cheapest, easiest exercise regimen ever—pick up this set of Fit Simplify resistance bands today.

Get the Fit Simplify bands for only $11 at Amazon!

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