A Travel App That Studies Your Instagram Photos

Jetpac travel app rotator_0

Have you ever heard of the Elite Audio Coffee Bar in San Francisco? Well, it’s the “coolest place” in town “to get an artsy cappuccino.” Or how about the Viridian Roof bar in Brooklyn? It holds the distinction of having the best “bar view.” And if you’re traveling to Moscow this winter and dying to find the “hottest karaoke bar” among “women,” you’ll be relieved to know that it’s the Friend’s House Bar.

According to a new app called Jetpac City Guides, these hot spots arranged by hyper-specificity are where the young and hip are flocking to. Released on Dec. 5, Jetpac relies on an image analysis algorithm that plunders millions upon millions of Instagram photos. The idea is simple: the more photos people take of a bar, restaurant, or cafe, the more fun and interesting it must be. As it probes through publicly available Instagram pics, the app picks the most photographed spots and finds key objects like dinner plates, blue skies, and scenic views to tell what they are. From restaurants to caf

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