Triathlete Mark Allen Embraces Advanced AI Training Technology

Tri Dot

Upon realizing he could accomplish more with the right technology Mark Allen, a six-time IRONMAN Triathlon World Championships® winner, and his team relentlessly searched for the best. Their efforts led to TriDot, an algorithmic intelligence (AI)-driven training optimization application.

Mark Allen, chose TriDot because it offered a clear advantage by combining big data, AI and wearables. “On the surface, it looks simple. Underneath that hood is the best engine you’ll ever find in coaching. Ever. Anywhere,” commented Allen,

After months of collaboration between the TriDot and Mark Allen teams, the groups will release the TriDot Mark Allen Edition in Fall 2022, bundling the best of both worlds — industry-leading AI technology and the experience and wisdom of the G.O.A.T. of endurance sports.

Mark Allen on TriDot

The Greatest Endurance Athlete of All Time, as named by ESPN, Allen, humbly acknowledges the challenges he and other endurance coaches face and how TriDot, and its parent company Predictive Fitness, elegantly and powerfully solve those issues. With more than three decades of training experience, he mentioned that a significant bottleneck for coaches is the mountains of data they could potentially analyze for each athlete, saying that “there’s a lot more data and information than people are actually knowing what to do with.”

He went on to say, “Just because there’s so much information available that can be looked at and aggregated and put together, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to make you a better athlete. You have to know what to do with it.”

Allen, started coaching in the 90s with simple concepts and tools, leaning on his experience first and slowly building a repertoire of methods and tools. As the world entered the digital age, he had difficulty maintaining pace. “As things evolve and technology improves, all of a sudden, I couldn’t put enough bells and whistles in there to keep up with the data that people were tracking.”

“I’d been looking for somebody to partner with who was on that track of saying how can we take all this stuff that’s probably overwhelming for most people, including most coaches, and turn it into something that is predictive and is projecting into the future and modifying based on a lot of different things that probably people never even thought of before. Like how is the temperature that you’re training in going to affect your intensity zones or your power output or so that you don’t burn yourself out? There’s a lot of things with TriDot that my coaching was missing and that you’re not going to find anywhere else. There’s a lot of data available, and that data is valuable, and TriDot knows what to do with it.”

About TriDot

TriDot is the performance-enhancing training platform powered by the Predictive Fitness AI-based optimization engine. With TriDot’s simple and intuitive app, athletes enter their information and connect performance devices to receive metrics, feedback and detailed workouts to achieve their goals in the shortest possible amount of time.

Athletes and coaches using TriDot report experiencing performance improvements in 30% less time than non-users. Predictive Fitness’ AI gathers raw training data and environmental data and uses it along with the athlete’s age and genetics. The optimization engine analyzes each data point and prescribes training sessions that yield the appropriate amount of training stress, taking into account the environmental conditions of your workout location. Every completed session is assigned a TrainX score between 0 and 100 that gives the athlete feedback on how well they executed the workout and motivation to “do the right training right.” Repeatedly executing well means faster improvement and your training program evolves as you do, so you don’t end up injured or stuck in a rut.

Overall, TriDot’s optimization engine provides you with the best possible course of action to hit your objectives by leveraging large amounts of accurate data about yourself and tens of thousands of other athletes.

How to Find TriDot

It is a truly revolutionary system set to empirically transform the endurance and fitness domains. TriDot offers a free trial at, and you can join the waitlist for updates and early access to the TriDot Mark Allen Edition, set to combine TriDot’s Data Optimized Training with education, motivation and inspiration from the legend himself.

Article presented by Amir Bakian

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