Ultimate Holiday Gift for Collectors: MEGA Pokémon Motion Pikachu


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When it comes to toys these days, there’s been a resurgence of interest in building sets and a longing for nostalgia. Whether you’re a long-time tinkerer or buying a gift for a Pokémon lover in your inner circle, we’ve got just the gift: MEGA™ Pokémon Motion Pikachu.

Designed for adult builders and Pokémon fans (if you buy it for younger Pokémon fans, they’ll need help assembling), this set is shaping up to be one of the hottest toys of the year.

An ideal offering for both engineers-in-training and Pokémon aficionados, this toy is more than just fun — it helps develop problem-solving skills and encourages creativity along the way. It’s also a gift that keeps on giving, since the 1,095 bricks and pieces means it provides the user with hours of stimulating activity. Above all, the new MEGA Motion Pikachu brings the most iconic, sought-after Pokémon to life with the design innovation of kinetic movement.

Mattel Pokemon

This Pikachu is the most highly detailed and elaborate rendition of the beloved Pokémon to date. The fully mechanized construction set is sure to thrill Pokémon fans wanting to enjoy the simple joy of building—and see their iconic Pikachu come to life.

In fact, for fans looking to reconnect with the beloved Pokémon brand and summon fond memories of their youth, we can’t think of a more smile-inducing present to gift them this winter. And if you or other Pokémon fans can’t get enough of this toy, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Mattel’s new animated item coming out next season: Motion Butterfree.

This standout toy makes for an awesome display piece for the builder to express their connection with Pokémon. Once built, they can grab the hand-activated crank on the back side of the model’s base to make Pikachu “run.” Its four legs hop along in a forward motion, its head bobs, and its tail swings up and down. You can even move Pikachu’s ears out, if you’d like, and be mesmerized as an animated rocky path at the top of the brick base moves in a conveyor-belt fashion.

The base itself is decorated with lightning bolts around the side walls to complement the crackling electricity jolting off Pikachu’s cheeks, as well as its tail. To complete this creation with an authentic touch, an interchangeable nameplate on the base lets users display Pikachu’s name in either English or Japanese.

Mattel Pokemon

MEGA Pokémon Motion Pikachu building set is available now at select retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart. So, go ahead, pick this trending toy up while supplies last.

[$96.99; target.com]

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