This Is the Ultimate Hoodie for Naps

The Hypnos Hoodie

When it comes to getting some sleep on international flights or long-haul rides, travelers often face a dilemma: Either you pack one of those ridiculous-looking travel pillows and try to get some sleep, or you ditch the ugly fuschia neck monster and struggle to curl up in your tiny-ass plane seat. Either way, not fun.

But there’s good news in Terminal C, guys: The new Hypnos Hoodie, which packs a hidden, inflatable pillow right in the hood, promises to help travelers sleep comfortably and stylishly, wherever they’re going.

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The hoodie is powered by a patent-pending inflatable pillow that fits inside a sleeve within the oversized hood, so you have some room to manuever the cushion of air depending on how you want to sleep.

“Hypnos was originally created for and remains devoted to the traveler, jet setter, nomadic families and anyone who loves comfort on the go,” the company notes on its Kickstarter page.

The Hypnos Hoodie in, uh, action.

Notice those puffed-up-looking hoods? That’s from the interior pillow, which measures 9.5″ high and creates a half-circle of support about 15″ long when fully inflated.

The inflatable pillow inside the Hypnos Hoodie

The sweatshirt comes in two styles (a pullover and a zip-up) in two fits each (fitted and relaxed), plus a lightweight woven nylon jacket. Each of the five models comes in three colors: black, dark gray, and light gray.

Here’s how it works: When you’re dozing off at the office on your couch, you pop open the little valve (otherwise hidden in the capacious hood) and pump it up with your breath. Inflating is easier before you put sweatshirt on, but you can do it while already wearing it.

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Step 2: Nap. Aside from the slightly overstuffed-looking hood—it’s not too obtrusive if you’re sitting against a backrest—the sweatshirt looks like any other fuzzy sweatshirt already occupying your closet.

When it comes time to deflate the hood (or your boss wakes you up, whichever happens first) you open the valve and push down on the inflatable pillow to release the air.

Made in U.S.A., it’s set to start shipping in March of 2016, but you can get a jump on the sales by pledging on Kickstarter until Monday, January 11. You can lock down a relaxed fit pullover now for $69 (MSRP $89), a fitted pullover for $79 (MSRP $99), or either zip-up style for $89 (normally $119). The jacket is sold out for now, but it’ll be available for $139 once the entire line goes on sale.

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