Fisherman and ‘Uncharted Waters’ Host Peter Miller on His Favorite Fishing Spots and His Top Gear

For almost his entire life, Peter Miller has been into fishing. From starting as a young kid to winning tournaments and hosting fishing TV shows, Miller has been involved in the industry for decades, giving him a deep well of experience to look back on when he’s out working on a boat. On top of that, Miller knows exactly what fishing gear he needs for every trip, but beyond that, he also uses Citizen watches to keep track of everything he needs while out on the boat.

Fisherman and ‘Uncharted Waters’ Host Peter Miller on His Essential Gear for a Fishing Trip

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“I’ve been fishing for about 47 years,” Miller tells Men’s Journal. “It started with my dad at three years years old in Upstate New York. I caught the bug instantly.”

All that experience—and his work on the Discovery Channel series Uncharted Waters—has taken Miller all over the world. “I’ve done Costa Rica, South and Central America, Panama, St. Thomas, Cayman, the Bahamas,” Miller says. “ I’ve bass-fished in Japan, fished in Hawaii, but one place I’d really like to go to is Australia.”

Miller has also learned to rely on his gear when he needs it: “When the water is coming over the boat, the cell phones are inside. I don’t use the phone much anymore. Using Citizen watches allow us to always be on time and always be on top of how much time we have in a tournament, and other things like that.”

Miller spoke with Men’s Journal about his career in fishing, what he loves most about the sport, the gear he uses to get it done, and much more. Watch the video to hear the full conversation.

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