Vaping: Almost 100% Better Than Smoking


On the controversial subject of whether e-cigs are better than tobacco, one major health org has made up its mind.

After studying all the evidence available, government org Public Health England (PHE) has declared that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco cigs, and—with support—can help smokers quit tobacco entirely.

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The statement did stir up some controversy: Soon after it came out, The Lancet medical journal issued a “hang on there a second…” warning that more hard evidence was needed. But PHE stood firm, noting that, though e-cigs aren’t 100% safe (and what is?), they are free of most chemicals linked to smoking-related diseases, and the chemicals they do have pose limited danger.

But maybe you’re still looking for a good reason to quit? If so, BMJ Open just reported that smokers have much more belly fat than non-smokers—a bad sign, as a ballooning waist can mean an ambulance ride just waiting to happen.

The Grim Reaper collects cigarette butts—and the idiots who smoked them—so think about ditching them now.

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