Vaping May Make You Crave Cigarettes More

Vaping May Make You Crave Cigarettes More

Certain chemicals commonly added to e-cigs, called pyrazines, may actually make it harder for vapers to quit—and easier for them to go back to real cigs—says a new study in Tobacco Control.

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Pyrazines are added to “light” cigarettes to give them flavor; e-cig makers also put them in fake cigs’ e-juice to create that same smoky taste. “Pyrazines cause physiological changes that enhance the effects of nicotine, which makes cigarettes and e-cigs more desirable,” says study author Hillel Alpert, Sc.D.

We’re not suggesting you ditch your e-cig right away—healthwise, the jury’s still out. But if and when you do, be prepared for some hellacious cravings.

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