Vibram Celebrates 80 Years of the Iconic Carramato Sole

Vibram Carramato Collection
Courtesy Vibram

If you’ve owned a number of hiking boots, you’ve probably noticed a pattern: The sole on the back of the boot usually has seven diamond shapes in the center.

That’s because it’s the Vibram Carramato sole, which has been supporting people’s feet in all kinds of shoes for 80 years.

Originally created in 1935 by Vibram’s founder Vitale Bramani, Carramato actually means “tank treads” in Italian, a testament to the sole’s durability.

The Carramato is still being used today by over a dozen brands of hiking boots, including mainstays like Timberland and Eddie Bauer, as well as style staples like Banana Republic.

“The fact that this sole has withstood the test of time and spanned generations of style proves the flexibility of its design,” Vibram global general manager Paolo Manuzzi said.

Vibram plans to celebrate the Carramato’s birthday by selling Carramato products at its Boston store, as well as having a sale on

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