Viral Hoverboard Video Exposed As Fake

Viral Hoverboard Video Exposed As Fake

When a mysterious company called HUVrTech released a video of its hoverboard “product,” most people fell for it.

After all, there’s the DeLorean, Doc Brown, and…Tony Hawk! And… Moby? T.O.? OK, it seems like a lot of convenient celebrities were celebrating the invention of the hoverboard, but what the hell? “The technology has finally caught up,” said Christopher Lloyd/Doc Brown in the video.

“I can’t believe how well it works,” tweeted Tony Hawk.

Watching the video, we couldn’t either. The Internet was enraptured–even the website looked legit. Alas, it turned out the whole thing was a (pretty elaborate) prank done by Funny Or Die.

Check out the video below. What would you do with a hoverboard?

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