The Voormi River Run Hoodie Is the Versatile Layer You Need for Fall

voormi river run hoodie
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There’s a bit of a rivalry between natural fibers and synthetic fabrics going on. Some companies tout the warmth of wool and comfortable feel of cotton, while others are all-in on polyester and its moisture-wicking properties. But what if they’re better together? Voormi, an outdoor apparel company based in southwestern Colorado, is proving just that. By combining natural and synthetic fibers, Voormi is creating performance apparel that’ll keep you comfortable no matter how you spend your time in the backcountry.

I tested the River Run Hoodie while trail running around Crested Butte, Colorado. Its combination of wool and polyester made it a light, capable layer through all kinds of conditions.

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What It Is: The River Run is a full-coverage hoodie made from a blend of merino wool and polyester. Voormi uses a “precision blending” technique to place the wool and synthetic fibers where they’ll do the most good. For example, the interior polyester that’s next to skin wicks moisture away from your body, so it can evaporate through the outer layer of wool. The wool naturally regulates your temperature, is antimicrobial, and helps protect from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, too: The hoodie is rated to UPF 30. It also features a generous hood and thumb loops to keep the sleeves from riding up. It’s exceptionally light, weighing in at just seven ounces.

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Why We Like It: I was really impressed with how light and comfortable the River Run is. To test it, I wore the hoodie by itself during a trail run with temps in the high 40s/low 50s. Although I started out chilly, the River Run provided good warmth as I began to ascend into the mountains, which surprised me considering how thin the material is. Unlike other scratchy synthetic fabrics I’ve worn, the inner polyester layer felt soft and smooth against my skin. Bonus: There are no interior tags to cause itching.

Running along Scarp Ridge outside Crested Butte, Colorado Michael Charboneau

As I gained elevation, clouds moved in, and I was surrounded by mist while running along a ridge. I started to get a little soggy and chilly, but the River Run transitioned into an excellent mid layer once I put on a rain jacket. Post-run, the hoodie quickly dried and the wool proved its antimicrobial chops: Even after five hours of wear, the River Run didn’t smell. That, combined with its low weight, makes it a great option for camping trips. It won’t eat up space in your pack, and you won’t feel grimy wearing it more than once.

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Nitpicks: The River Run is not a cheap hoodie, and some might balk at spending over $100 for a layer like this. But it’s definitely versatile, high quality, and designed for top-shelf performance. While out on the trail in unpredictable autumn weather, you’ll likely be glad to have it—I know I was.


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