VOWCH Has Your Recommendations

VOWCH Has Your Recommendations

As the VOWCH app slogan says, “No two ‘likes’ are the same.”

It’s hard to state, in a vast media landscape, how to get a good recommendation. Tons of applications have tried to make good ones for music, movies, books, games… whatever you’re looking for. Now, there’s an app that gives you all the recommendations–and lets you be you, by sharing them.

VOWCH is an app that’s part recommendation expert, part social media. It’s designed to allow you to share your vouches (“vowches”?). Create a post by typing in what you like–whatever that may be–and choose a photo for your vowch (“vouch”?) using the camera app on your iPhone or select something from Google Images to represent it. Add a video clip, a song or a link to give it some extra punch.

“We wanted to build a platform that in 30 seconds or less allows you to quickly give your friends a rich picture of what you’re into and a taste of why you’re into it,” says co-founder David Parker, who created the app along with his brother, Jeremy Parker. “It’s amazing how much cool stuff there is out there to discover. But even when people like the same thing, they often like different aspects of it and have different reasons for liking it.”

Download VOWCH for your iPhone and explore for yourself, and visit VOWCH.com for more info.

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