Tesla’s New Semi Truck Stays Charged and Drives Fast

 Image via Tesla

Elon Musk is coming for you, trucking industry.

The Tesla mastermind announced specs for a new semi truck that would zip from 0-60 in five seconds and could go 500 miles on a single charge, according to Wired. The interior has its lone seat in the center, no riding shotgun here. It’s set up more like an airplane, or a race car, as Musk said.

He also noted that the truck would have automatic brakes and an Autopilot Suite that keeps the truck within its lane. There are suicide doors and two touchscreens for the driver to operate everything. The only button is for hazard lights. 

Pushing one of these bad boys is a surefire way to be the hottest thing in a Love’s Truck Stop parking lot. 

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