We Got Our Hands on the New MacBook Pro


It’s going to surprise you. Open up the newly announced MacBook Pro and you'll notice something’s different, specifically that the upper section of the keyboard doesn’t have any buttons but has now been turned into a smoothed-out touchpad, which Apple aptly is calling the Touch Bar. You’re going to hate the price ($1,499–$1,799 for the 13-inch, $2,399 for 15 — we know, steep!). You can click an application, maybe check your email or look at photos or scroll through some tabs on Safari (for now) while mostly just using that new Touch Bar. 

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And maybe around the time you imagine being able to use your finger to scroll to the specific jump in a GoPro video or when you send an emoji in a message or tap the Siri button, you'll seriously consider recycling your old laptop and buying the damn thing right there.

This is what happened when we went to experience Apple’s new laptops yesterday, where the Geniuses talked us through all the updated features to a familiar line of laptops. Yes, there are other devices and tablets where something like a Touch Bar isn’t anything to freak out about, but to put it simply, this thing is pretty cool. At one point while using it, we embarrassingly tried to exit out of something by nearly tapping the screen like we were on an iPhone because we had gotten so used to the bar. There are, of course, other details we could talk about that don’t contain the words touch or bar. For example, it feels really light. Three pounds, to be exact. Apple made it clear that this is the “thinnest and lightest MacBook Pro ever.” 

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So if you’ve stayed away from purchasing an Air but dreamed about its slim frame, this new Pro might be a good purchase. It didn’t occur to us that our older 13-inch Pro might actually weigh 50 pounds until we picked up the newest version. And it’s anything but clunky. Closed, it measures 14.9 millimeters, which essentially means you’ll have no trouble packing it away in a backpack or carrying it around to meetings. Apple upgraded the trackpad, too, and claim you can use the machine for about 10 hours per charge. And without just giving you a bunch of percentages, pictures and videos looked beautiful and clear. While we still need to put it to a more serious test, in the meantime, see the new laptop for yourself.

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