What to Consider Before You Get a Dashcam for Your Car

Dashcam in car

Dashcams (I call them “crash cams” because so many videos show drivers doing so many asinine things) can actually come in very handy by doing things like:

  • Providing evidence in an accident.
  • Recording risky drivers.
  • Proving who robbed your car.
  • Protecting you from insurance fraud.

What to buy

Low-end, single-channel (forward-facing) cams can cost as little as $50, with high-enders at around $400. Dual-channel (front- and rear-facing) cams go for $100-$400.

Must-have features

  • At least 1080p resolution.
  • Loop recording to erase old footage when the memory’s full.
  • G-sensor: Triggered by impact, it keeps footage from being overwritten.
  • Auto on/off.
  • Date and time stamp (for court).

John Dinkel is an auto engineer and lifelong racer. Follow him on Twitter.

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