What You Need to Know About Facebook Sports Stadium


Facebook is giving you a new way to celebrate with your fellow sports fans online. It's called Facebook Sports Stadium, a new feature the platform introduced inside the Facebook smartphone app. To get to it, all you need to do is search for a specific game, and you're ready to go. Facebook product manager Steve Kafka writes that Facebook will unveil other ways to access it over time.

People already use Facebook to share their thoughts and snarky jabs about their favorite sporting events; now there's a dedicated place for them to do so. Facebook Sports Stadium will host comments on games from the fans and the professional commentators alike. It seems to want to be the best place to find information on a game, immediately behind watching the live game itself. Users will have access to live scores, statistics, and even find the information on where to watch it on TV. And just as friends can "like" your witty status updates, you'll be able to like your favorite team's plays over the course of a game.

As Sports Stadium is all rolled into Facebook's conventional app, it represents an effort by the social giant to keep users engaged within its software, rather than lose users to get their sports fix from other apps. Want to see how it works? Watch this video.

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