What Your Smartphone Says About You

What your smart phone says about you rotator_0

Do you consider yourself a laid-back, artsy guy? Or are you a no-nonsense, hyper-successful type? What about a hardcore fitness freak? Well, according to several new studies, there’s a smartphone for each of you.

According to a survey of more than 1,300 consumers commissioned by Australian phone company Telstra, iPhone people tend to use their phone more frequently than users of other brands. These Apple types are extroverted, they love international travel, and they indulge in life’s luxuries (such as facials and massages). But they are sporty, and also vain, according to another study conducted earlier this year in July from the U.K.—a survey of 2,000 phone users which was commissioned by TalkTalkMobile, a wireless company in Britain. Those researchers found that Apple users tend to be more image-conscious, may work in some form of media, and are typically very ambitious.

Android phone users, on the other hand, are even more artsy and creative than Apple users, they make the best cooks, and they usually work in the arts, culture or sports, according to the TalkTalk study. They also tend to watch more TV and drink more alcohol. Samsung users, according to the Telstra study, like working out but also like playing video games; meanwhile, HTC users are more often than not men, are less agreeable, and have a “more relaxed attitude” toward work.

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The busy bees are usually the Blackberry devotees. According to the TalkTalk study, Blackberry users send the most e-mails and messages than of any of the other brands. They’re the biggest earners, working often in finance or property, and drink the most coffee or tea. The study did not say, however, how many of these Blackberry’s are work devices. 

“Once you see yourself as a certain type of phone user, it can become a huge part of the way you live your life, and people tend to subscribe to the one they feel suits them best,” Dan Meader, Director of Mobile at TalkTalk, told the Daily Mail UK when commenting on the study.

Of course, there are plenty of exceptions. (For its part, Windows phones weren’t mentioned in either of the two studies, but a 2011 Digital Trends article noted that Windows phone users tend to crave speed and efficiency above all else.) In any case, these trends might well be reflected in the U.S. market share. In August through October of this year, Apple still has a sizeable lead in the U.S. with 40.6% of the market share—up 0.2% from July. Samsung had a solid quarter, gaining 1.3% of the market to a total 25.4%. Laggers included HTC and LG.

This is all good news, of course. It sounds like guys who prioritize their fitness—vain or not—are leading the way. If they like to be seen as “affluent,” “sporty partiers,” too, then so be it.

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