What’s Better Than the Standing Desk?

_main_standing desk

To stay active without bolting from your chair and running laps around your cubicle farm every hour, try this amazingly easy solution: Work while standing on a Level from fluidstance.com. A rockered platform with a wood deck and aluminum frame, the patent-pending Level creates a 3-D motion in the sagittal, transverse, and coronal planes, shown to up heart rate 15% over sitting.

We made the mistake of letting a staffer try the Level—and almost had to beat him with the damn thing to get it away from him. His review: “It’s such a simple concept, but, man, does it make standing more enjoyable. I was moving around without even thinking.” He ended up with a plea: “If we don’t have to return it, I know a guy who’d love to keep it.”

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