Which Smartphone Dating App Should You Use?

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You use it to pay your bills, stream your music, and socially share your every waking move. Just about the only thing your smartphone couldn’t do for you was deliver your dream girl—but now there’s an app (or actually, apps) for that, too. While all of them pledge to connect you with women—from the girl next door to the no-strings-attached hookup—these downloads dramatically range in quality and their fulfillment of that get-the-girl promise. We raided the app store to test and review several of the newest and most popular dating apps. Depending on the kind of woman you’re seeking, these four apps may just help you make the perfect score.



What it is: Curious about that girl you met at your friend’s birthday party? This app allows you to find out if she’s single and interested without bugging your buddies. Sign up using your Facebook account and you’ll instantly be presented with friends of friends who are single and also using Hinge to meet someone through a trusted source. The shared Facebook friend makes this app a great way to meet people you have a better chance of getting along with. If you both indicate that you’re interested in each other, a connection can be made. And the best part is you won’t owe your friend anything for setting up the date—or have to blame him if it crashes and burns.

Who it’s for: The guy who already has a great social life—and who’s looking for the right girl to seamlessly integrate into it.

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What it is: Even if you’ve somehow found a cool chick who shares your passion for The Walking Dead, cold leftovers, and Redskins football, unless she lives in your zip code (or at the very least, your area code) you’re probably not willing to go the distance to date her. That’s why you need Tinder. After you connect to the app via Facebook, it can pull details from your profile to match you with someone who shares similar interests, and then it utilizes GPS positioning to ensure that she’s located within easy reach. If you both say you’re into each other, you can start messaging and then walk around the corner to introduce yourselves in person. It’s an instant connection—without the traffic jam.

Who it’s for: The guy who’d rather spend more money on the date than the gas it took to get there.

At First Sight

What it is: Way back in the days when VHS technology was hot, people actually used video dating services that let them record messages to potential dates. At First Sight, developed by The Bachelor host Chris Harrison, has revamped that idea, for good reason: Watching a recording of someone talking about themselves (and what they are looking for in another person) allows you to get a better sense of their personality than you might from an online profile. This way, there are no surprises (or at least not as many) if you actually meet in person.

Who it’s for: The guy who is ready to make a serious commitment but wants more information than a written profile can provide.

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Bang with Friends

What it is: This is the anti-dating app. Bang with Friends uses Facebook to help you find close contacts (and other Bang with Friends users) who’ve also indicated that they’re interested in meaningless hookups. Like Tinder, it works to connect you to a girl only if she also marks you as someone she’s interested in getting physical with. The difference between the two, however, is that Bang with Friends eliminates the guesswork—plus the weird small talk over an expensive meal—and helps you both fast-forward to the all-important end-of-date scromp.

Who it’s for: The guy who wants a real relationship—as long as it’s purely physical.  

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