Who Needs Apple’s $99 iPhone Smart Battery Case?

Courtesy Apple

Today Apple unveiled a new Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. It’s a slightly bulky protective cover with an embedded battery, available in black or white, and it promises to bring an additional 25 hours of battery life to your device. It’s the first time Apple has made an accessory like this for its phones. Cool, right? Sure, except it’s a little late in the game. Third-party manufacturers have been making trusted battery-enabled cases for years. Not to mention, other accessories like this bring at least this much battery power to the table at the same price point.

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Consider Mophie, which has designed cases for the iPhone since 2006. Its Juice Pack options are widely recognized as a standout in the battery-enabled case category, and it remains one of the de facto brands in this niche. Of course, depending on use, phone batteries drain differently, but your iPhone 6 probably lasts a little over 30 hours per charge. Mophie says its own $99 case can charge your phone from empty to full, effectively doubling your phone’s battery life. And for a few more bucks, you can increase your screen time even more. 

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And as far as appearances go, other makers have been savvy enough to hide battery bulk elsewhere, rounding out a case’s back or extending its bottom. We’ll have to wait and see if Apple takes this all into consideration for its next generations of iPhones and any accessories. In the meantime, we’ll just be here with a low battery, taking whatever we can get for some extra juice. [$99; apple.com]

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